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Blues Guitar Chords : The Dominant 9th Chord

Dominant 9th chords are commonly used in musical genres such as blues, funk and jazz. In blues music, these chords appeared during the Chicago blues era. They created a more harmonically sophisticated sound evolving from the acoustic delta blues where…

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Blues Guitar Chords : Dominant 7th

Dominant seventh chords are very popular chords for blues, soul and jazz music. In blues, dominant 7th chords are often used throughout an entire 12 bar blues song. Learning these chords is a great starting point for any player wanting…

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Have a rocking new Year

I want to take a quick pause to wish all of you a great new year. I hope it's full of great music and riffs for you! This year I will focus on creating content for this website including a…

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The natural minor scale (Aoelian) for guitar  

Unlike the major scale, there are three different type of minor scales. Usually, when no type is specified it refers to the Natural minor. In western music, this scale is commonly recognized as having a sadder sound than its major counterpart. It is…

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Welcome to Guitar Endeavor

I am proud to launch this new Website. Guitar Endeavor is all about learning to play the guitar having fun doing so. It will feature tons of free and premium content. I think learning guitar is more about the journey…

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