About Guitar Endeavor and Sebastien G

On this site, you will find home-brewed backing tracks, e-books and video to help you get your guitar playing to the next level.

Picking up the guitar is so natural and figuring out how to play a few chords and having fun making music with it does not require too much effort. One can easily learn the basics and play simple songs to sing along with. This naturally makes the guitar a very popular instrument.

Nonetheless, guitar playing can be taken too many different levels of creativity and technicality. Hobbyists from around the world take it to another level every day. New tools have allowed them to share their music and knowledge. Learning the guitar has never been that accessible.

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As for myself, I started playing the guitar at the age of 12. My motivation back then had no real explanation. I always wanted to play the best I could and was thrilled by the fact that I could never reach a point where I would stop and tell myself that I was justgood enough“. Learning the guitar soon arose to me as an endless and beautiful endeavor. Musical styles and genres don’t matter. After all music is all about what sounds and feels good.

With this project, I want to share my knowledge and discoveries. I’m hoping the free and premium content will help others take their music further.