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Blues Guitar Chords : The Dominant 9th Chord

Dominant 9th chords are commonly used in musical genres such as blues, funk and jazz. In blues music, these chords appeared during the Chicago blues era. They created a more harmonically sophisticated sound evolving from the acoustic delta blues where…

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Blues Guitar Chords : Dominant 7th

Dominant seventh chords are very popular chords for blues, soul and jazz music. In blues, dominant 7th chords are often used throughout an entire 12 bar blues song. Learning these chords is a great starting point for any player wanting…

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Improve Your Guitar String Bending

String bending is one the most common modern guitar technique yet it's still not mastered by every guitar players. The difficulty comes from the fact that you need to reach a targeted note with speed and precision. Been able to…

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Harmonic Minor Guitar Scale Charts

The Harmonic Minor The harmonic minor scale shares almost the same notes as the Natural Minor. It’s only difference is that the 7th degree is raised by a semitone. This makes the scale sound darker and more “Arabic”. In this…

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Learn Lead Guitar Basic Techniques

Have you ever tried to learn lead guitar? If so you know how time-consuming practicing guitar solos can be. Fortunately, many resources are available for self-taught players to help jump-start this process but you may find it hard to focus…

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Hamonizing The Major Scale Or Chord Scales

Harmonizing the major scale on guitar

How to harmonize the major scale? When harmonizing a scale, we are simply building chords using the notes it contains. This is also referred as using chord scales. Knowing how to build chords from a scale makes it possible to…

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