Harmonic Minor Guitar Scale Charts

The Harmonic Minor

The harmonic minor scale shares almost the same notes as the Natural Minor. It’s only difference is that the 7th degree is raised by a semitone. This makes the scale sound darker and more “Arabic”.

In this regard, you could also look at the Harmonic Minor Scale as the Aeolian #7.

The intervals are:


Number of semitones:


The degrees are:

R (Root)-2-b3-4-5-b6-7-8

Using the Harmonic Minor Scale

The scale is found in many musical genres such as Jazz, Metal, Manouche Jazz and classical music and so much more…

My favorite chord progression to practice this scale over is by far the Andalusian Cadence. If you want to try it, check out this post where I shared a backing track.

The Harmonic Minor Guitar Charts

harmonic minor guitar scale chart


Harmonic minor scale chartHarmonic minor scale chart


Harmonic minor scale pattern

The Harmonic Minor Full Neck (E Harmonic Minor)

  E Harmonic minor guitar scale pattern     



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