Guitar Backing Track in B Dorian

Knowing scales and understanding modal progressions is great for improvising.

But all this knowledge is nothing without practice!

That’s why I made this Dorian backing track for guitar players (it could fit other instruments too).

I hope you enjoy jamming on this playback song as much as I do.

B Dorian Please (Guitar play-along)

You don’t know the how to play the Dorian mode?

Follow this simple approach:

Step 1:

Be sure to check out the scales patterns on this site right here.

Step 2:

Play the A major scale over this track (it shares the same notes as the B Dorian).

Step 3:

Do you run out of ideas?

You can listen to classic songs using the Dorian mode. I find that songs from Santana might very well fit with this track. More specifically Oye Como Va and Evil Ways. On another register, a great masterpiece using this musical mode is So What from Miles Davis.

Step 4:

Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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