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The Dorian Mode (Guitar Charts)

The Dorian Mode is a minor type of scale. It is a very widely used scale across multiple genres and often associated with blues and jazz guitar playing. The Dorian Mode is the second of the seven major musical modes.

It is a minor type scale because it as a b3 (minor third) but unlike the Natural Minor scale, it has a major 6th note giving it its very distinctive sound. It gives it a mystical and sweet touch.

To play a Dorian scale you would play a major scale starting from its 2nd degree (2nd note). For example, to play a D Dorian scale you would play a C Major scale starting from the D note.

The intervals are:


This gives the following scale degrees:


Here are the common Dorian Mode patterns for guitar:


*(R) stands for Root or the first note of the scale.

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