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The Mixolydian Mode for Guitar

The Mixolydian scale (or mode) is very close to the major scale since it has only one different note. It has a b7 (lowered seventh). This specific note makes it sound great over 7th chords and other forms of dominant…

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The Lydian Mode On Guitar

The Lydian Mode (Guitar charts)

The Lydian mode is a type of major scale. It is very happy sounding and has a magical and dreamy touch when used in guitar soloing. It is only one note different from the major scale, it has a sharpened…

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The Phrygian Mode (Guitar Charts)

The Phryhian mode is an exotic sounding scale frequently associated with Spanish and Flamenco music. It has a very distinctive eastern vibe to it. It is also regularly used by metal guitar players because of the dark atmosphere it can…

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The Dorian Mode (Guitar Charts)

The Dorian Mode is a minor type of scale. It is a very widely used scale across multiple genres and often associated with blues and jazz guitar playing. The Dorian Mode is the second of the seven major musical modes.…

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The major scale patterns on guitar

The major scale is undoubtedly the best-known scale. In fact, everyone knows it (kind of). Just ask anyone with no particular harmony knowledge, and they will most certainly answer this: CDEFGABD. This is indeed the C major scale, on the…

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