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Best Guitar Learning Apps

Top 4 Guitar Apps You Must Know

Nowadays the choice for guitar apps and online solutions is very large. It’s a great thing but it can be overwhelming. Also, there are so many lists out there about all the great apps you should own or use. Unfortunately,…

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When To Replace Guitar Strings

When Should You Replace Guitar Strings

Many guitar beginners wonder how often or when they should replace guitar strings. To be honest there is no clear answer and everything comes down to personal tastes and habits. But as a general rule of thumb here are a…

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Essential Guitar Scales PDF

Why a Guitar Scales PDF Practicing scales is a must for any instrumentalist. The benefits of this practice are numerous. It helps develop both improvisation and songwriting skills. That's the main reason why I have been publishing many guitar scales charts…

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The Practical Guide to Playing a 12-Bar Blues

What is a 12-bar blues? It’s a basic and simple chord progression. As its name says it’s twelve bars long. It’s the most common blues music progression. It’s so popular: Thousands and thousands of songs are made from it! If…

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