Top 4 Guitar Apps You Must Know

Nowadays the choice for guitar apps and online solutions is very large. It’s a great thing but it can be overwhelming.

Also, there are so many lists out there about all the great apps you should own or use. Unfortunately, some of them are not so useful. That’s why I decided to share this short list of apps and guitar Websites I really use. The applications for these guitar apps are all different and most of them are free.

Here are my top 4 guitar apps!

Guitar Tuning App for iOS

There are many different guitar tuning apps out there but my favorite one is the PolyTune by tc Electronic. It’s based on one of their physical products.

It’s a very straightforward tuning solution and it works very well. The display is easy to see. One special thing about it is that it’s fully polyphonic. Meaning, you can play all the strings at once and the tuner will tell you which string is out of tune. Another benefit of this is that you can tune to any note that you want. Finally, it is very precise and makes tuning a breeze.

Best Guitar Tuner App

Note that it is not free. It actually goes for 5$ on the App Store.

Ear Training App

Ear training is an amazing way to develop your musicianship.

The app I use is Guitar Interval. I had very good results using this app after just a few daily 15-minute sessions while on a commute. It’s a must if you want to improve your relative ear. Basically, it shows you a root note on a guitar fretboard and plays an interval you then have to guess. It helps you track your progress and gets more difficult as your skills grow.

One other important benefit of this app is that it will make you learn the intervals on the fretboard. This is a very important skill for learning other music theory.

Best Ear Training App

It goes for 2$ on the App Store and is probably the best investment you can do to improve your musical skills.

Slowdown your music with Tune Transcriber

This website allows you to slow down any MP3 or YouTube video without altering the pitch. It lets you set marks and loop points so you can focus on different parts of a song. It is a very effective way to transcribe songs and to practice along with your favorite musicians. When taking things slowly most “impossible” solo parts now seem playable.

Slow down guitar solos

Chords Scale Finder

The scales-chords Website offers many different music resources and tools. But my favorite one is by far the chords scale finder. Whether you are writing a song or analyzing an existing piece this tool can be very handy.

It gives you the best-suited scale for a specific set of chords and will also suggest chords to help complete an unfinished progression.


It is free so just give it a try.

Now your turn! Do you have any other solutions you like to use and think I should check out?


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