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The Practical Guide To Playing A 12-Bar Blues

The Practical Guide to Playing a 12-Bar Blues

What is a 12-bar blues? It’s a basic and simple chord progression. As its name says it’s twelve bars long. It’s the most common blues music progression. It’s so popular: Thousands and thousands of songs are made from it! If…

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Have A Rocking New Year

Have a rocking new Year

I want to take a quick pause to wish all of you a great new year. I hope it's full of great music and riffs for you! This year I will focus on creating content for this website including a…

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Guitar Backing Track In B Dorian

Guitar Backing Track in B Dorian

Knowing scales and understanding modal progressions is great for improvising.

But all this knowledge is nothing without practice!

That’s why I made this Dorian backing track for guitar players (it could fit other instruments too).

I hope you enjoy jamming on this playback song as much as I do.

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The Mixolydian Mode For Guitar

The Mixolydian Mode for Guitar

The Mixolydian scale (or mode) is very close to the major scale since it has only one different note. It has a b7 (lowered seventh). This specific note makes it sound great over 7th chords and other forms of dominant…

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D Major Acoustic Guitar Backing Track

D Major Acoustic Guitar Backing Track

Guitar backing tracks are a great way to practice lead ideas. They can be used to compose melodic lines or simply practice scales or riffs. Because making your own tracks can take some time off your practice time, here is…

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The Lydian Mode (Guitar Charts)

The Lydian Mode (Guitar charts)

The Lydian mode is a type of major scale. It is very happy sounding and has a magical and dreamy touch when used in guitar soloing. It is only one note different from the major scale, it has a sharpened…

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