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Welcome to Guitar Endeavor

I am proud to launch this new Website. Guitar Endeavor is all about learning to play the guitar having fun doing so. It will feature tons of free and premium content. I think learning guitar is more about the journey than the goal. It’s been an amazing adventure for me so far, and I wish to share what I have learned in my last 20 years of playing. It’s a way for me to give something in return to the online music community and all the people that shared their passion for this instrument with me.

I will be putting up backing tracks, guitar lessons and different resources.

I hope this website will help you grow a bit farther as a musician. I am certain it will help me along the way too. It will get me to organize my actual knowledge and force me to learn new concepts, so I can share it with you.
This is a very simple launch and there is already some great content on the website. There will be many more to come.

You can subscribe to the newsletter or the YouTube channel to keep in touch and know when there are any updates.



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