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Bias FX Blues Demo Over a Funky Backing Track

Guitar amp emulation seems to be everywhere these days. If you haven’t figured it out yet; it’s more than a trend, it’s here to stay.

Honestly after waiting for many years I think this is it!

There are many reviews and demos out there, but most of them are about metal. That’s why I made this blues demo. It features 3 different guitars using Bias FX to show the versatility of this solution.

Bias Fx Blues Tones Demo

When I first tried Bias Amp for desktop I was blown away. The money I was planning to spend on an Axe Fx could be used for something else in my little studio (yeah speakers…). I am not trying to compare both products and do not exclude purchasing one someday. But for now Bias Fx delivers just what I need and it probably would for you.

That’s why I made this small demo of blues tones using this VST. I could have refined my tones, but I opted for basic sounds.

This is my first “performance” and even if it’s not perfect I feel I need to get it out there now. I hope you enjoy.

Let me know what sound you prefer!

Note: I’m in no way sponsored by Positive Grid and paid to acquire the software.

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